Your Guide to the NH6XO Amateur Radio Repeater Net in the State of Hawaii

System Status as of 12/2/17: Analog: All Repeaters linked except Hilo

P25: All Repeaters linked except Lihue & Hilo

Recent News: Kaimuki Repeater replaces Koko Head











Operational Frequencies

All Frequencies use CTCSS Encode/Decode

Mt. Kaala (Oahu) 444.775 (123.0) [NAC: BAD]

Roundtop (Oahu) 443.775 (123.0) [NAC: BAD]

Kaimuki (Oahu) 442.775 (123.0) [NAC: BAD]

Kaneohe (Oahu) 442.925 (123.0) [NAC: BAD]

Haleakala (Maui) 443.925 (123.0) [NAC: BAD]

Hilo (Big Island) 444.775 (127.3) [NAC: BAE]

Volcano (Big Island) 442.875 (123.0) [NAC: BAD]

Lihue (Kauai) 444.925 (123.0) [NAC: BAD]


Guidelines of Use













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Last Updated December 2, 2017