It takes more than just a few folks to initiate, encourage, support, and sustain this system. The NH6XO repeaters would not exist without the help of:

KH6IAH Bernie - When Motorola gurus get stuck, they call Bernie for help. He has always been a willing supplier of that special rare bit of knowledge and hardware you need to make things work.

KH7O Rick - More than just a hard-working frequency coordinator, he has helped us with parts, supplies, and even a whole, working Micor.

KH7U Kimo - Generous to a fault, Kimo continues to provide parts, repeaters, help, and perspective to us and others.

WH6TF Nick - An amazing tech with a work ethic that leaves others on Kauai in the dust. When the Lihue repeater is in a pinch, Nick assists with diagnosis, repairs and delivery.

WH6DYN Lopaka - The man with the plan & skills on Big Island. Lopaka is the reason the Volcano repeater exists. We couldn't have done it without him. He also installed a couple of uniquely located standalone repeaters on Big Island as well.

We stand on the shoulders of technical giants, and must acknowledge:

The Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page™ on the web at:
These guys have been helping for a long, long time. I remember getting answers to tough questions from WA6ILQ Mike back in the early days of USENET.

All of our Micors (and, so far, the lone MSR-2000 on the VHF side) are interfaced using the squelch gate modifications we copied from WA8DBW Richard's web page:

We also want to acknowledge the help and contributions of:

KH6BS Dan - Our official time-out timer tester and another unsung repeater owner.

WH7UH Walt - The man who delivers for us on Maui.

W8IZC Wes - Our chief ham fest scrounger.

WH6KBR Chris - The official Paul watcher.

AE5TH Carl, WB4GWX Jimmy, and N5QV Ron - The guys from Texas "who respond" when we need parts help.



Last Updated August 8, 2015