Downtown Info

Located atop a building near the capital, this site contains an analog satellite receiver (on 448.775) for the Roundtop Repeater. It enables you to get in when you are buried deep within a downtown building on a handheld. The received signal is linked back to Roundtop via a 4 wire Intraplex card interface which travels over a microwave backbone. At Roundtop, the voter selects the best signal for retransmission on the repeater.




Here's a list of what's all in the rack from top to bottom (frontside):

- GE Mastr II UHF Auxiliary Receiver
- Motorola T1500 series cavities for filtration


Sinclair SC-329-HF5-SN, 6 dBd gain, 12 deg. beamwidth, 135 MPH wind rating. The main feedline up to the antenna is LDF5-50 7/8" heliax with a run of 1/2" heliax from the entry panel to the receiver.

Last Updated 4/12/13