Equipment & Photos

All sites use the Motorola Quantar (UHF R2 stations) Most have the 110W PA. Round Top and Haleakala are high power (250 watt) machines which use an external PA. Volcano uses a 25 watt Quantar.

For any pilots out there, we encourage you to try the Haleakala 443.925 repeater while in flight. It is a statewide clear channel at 10,000' altitude which should be accessible just about anywhere in and around the state.

Antennas at all sites are commercial grade fiberglass radome models made by Sinclair. The antennas at Kaala, Round Top, Koko Head and Haleakala are rated for 230 MPH wind speed!

Pictures & Info of Individual Sites:



Koko Head


Of course, more info and pictures will be posted here as time allows.

Last Updated 4/12/16