Echolink - A long time ago NH6XO-R was connected to Echolink. That connection was severed. We have no intention at this time of hooking up to either Echolink or IRLP. However, fans of the open-source Asterisk PBX telephone switch platform for use with amateur radio should recognize WH6FM's association with the NH6XO system. At this time we are not actively connected to the AllStar Link Network.

146.94- Maui - NH6XO no longer holds the coordination for or has any association with the 146.94- repeater on Maui. We had originally hoped to be part of restoring this repeater pair to linked operation with an Oahu VHF machine as it had been for many years. However, the folks we were working with didn't think that way and we have since parted company.

147.36+ North Shore, Oahu - Our first VHF machine on Mt. Kaala, the "36" was clobbered by strong, local, nearly on-channel, interference. Because we couldn't move the interferer, we moved the NH6XO machine to another VHF pair. As far as we know, the current 147.36+ machine, which is controlled by others, does not cover Oahu's North Shore.

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Last Updated April 11, 2011